PPT Series #2 Satellite Day – Lethbridge

Pure Poker Tour

Pure Poker Tour #2

Pure Casino Calgary
Apr 28 – May 8, 2022

Casino Lethbridge Satellite:$185 Satty to Main Event ($170 + $15)
Date/Time:Apr 24, 2022, 3 pm
Start Stack:15,000
Blinds:20 Minutes

Lethbridge Satellite Underway

The second of two satellites is off and running today, this one in Lethbridge, and it’s only for a shot at the Main Event. One in ten players have a shot, and there’s a bit less than $500 added for ticket winners to help with the cost of driving up Hwy #2 for a cheap shot at the big Main Event prizes.

The game kicked off at 3 pm and plays 20-minute levels. Players get 15k to start, so it’s bound to be a pretty quick game.

There is more satellite action on Apr 25 at 7:30 when Edmonton’s Pure Casino Yellowhead runs another multi-event qualifier. The main action for PPT #2 kicks off Thursday with the Seniors’ event.

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