Pure Poker Tour #2

Pure Casino Calgary
Apr 28 – May 8, 2022

Pure Poker Tour
Pure Poker Tour

Event #3:$660 Bounty with $100 Bounties
Date/Time:Day 1a, Apr 29, 1 pm
Start Stack:25,000
Blinds:30 Minutes

They are into the final level of poker before the 30-minute dinner break, and once dinner is complete, entries will be closed on Day 1a. That means there is now less than 60 minutes to get into the game.

It was a small turnout so far today with 36 entries as time is ticking down. They were scheduled to play 18 levels today, but with the small field, it seems likely they’ll hit 14% of the field first, which would be 5 players if the numbers stay where they are now.

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