Pure Poker Tour #2

Pure Casino Calgary
Apr 28 – May 8, 2022

Pure Poker Tour
Pure Poker Tour

With 6 events in the books now, Bogdan Szafranowicz is the current leader in the Player of the Series race this time around. Szafranowicz bagged the win in Event #4 and got 140 points for it, which vaulted him into the lead. Paul Brar (Edmonton) is sitting second right now with 120 points, while Huseyin Hasan, Julius Roque, and Michael “Berny” Bernstein are tied for third with 110.

See below for a look at the current top ten in the race. It’s still a pretty open race with two events to go as any of the top ten, and probably several down the list as well, can jump into the lead with a deep run in the Main Event and/or Event #8.

Bogdan Szafranowicz1401
Jaspal Brar1201
Huseyin Hasan1101
Julius Roque1101
Michael Bernstein1101
Brad Harwood1001
Jason Hromada982
Raymond Cawaling981
Karen Tysdal771
Jordan Johnstone771

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