Deerfoot Inn & Casino – 2021-2022 WSOP Circut Calgary
Level 6300/600/600
Est Prizes$62,415 + $25,650
Event #2:$600 Mystery Bounty ($365 + $150 + $85)
Date/Time:May 18, 11 am
Start Stack:20,000
Blinds:25 Minutes

The first break is over in the Mystery Bounty now and the field is up to 172 entries. That puts more than $60k into the regular prize pool and more than $25k into the bounty pool. With the mystery format, the big bounties will amount to $19,000 of the bounty pool, with the average bounty made up from the remainder. Big bounties will be handed out as follows:

1 x $5,000
1 x $3,000
1 x $2,000
1 x $2,000
2 x $1,000
4 x $750
4 x $500

There are still about two hours left to get into the game, so the total numbers are sure to grow. It seems unlikely the field will crack 300 as it did in EVent #1, but the final number is yet to be decided.

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