Event #1 – $330 Seniors’ Event

It’s time to get the third edition of the 2022 Pure Poker Tour underway! The first event out of the gates is only open to player 50 years of age or older, but there will be an open satellite to Events 2, 4, and 7 starting at 7:30 pm on Thursday as well.

Action for the Seniors game gets underway at 1 pm and there will be eight levels of poker plus 55 minutes of breaks before the end of registration. That means the last chance to enter this game will come at about 5:55 pm.

Max-late entries in this game will sit down after the dinner break with 16.66 big blinds as action in Level 9 is 600/1200/1200. The big blind ante kicks in for the start of Level 3 when blinds will be 100/200/200.

Coverage of this event will be minimal as I will be in action at the tables. I’ll post some updates on breaks during the seniors, but expect full reporting to start on Friday. Good luck to all the Seniors in the opening event!

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