Event #2: $660 with $100 Bounties

It’s time for the Day 1a of the first multi-day event in PPT #3. Day 1a of Event #2 gets going at 1 pm on Friday, and players start the day with 25,000 chips. They’ll play 40-minute blind levels throughout the night.

There will be nine levels of late registration during Day 1 of this event and there will be breaks every three levels. That means entries should be open for a bit more than 7 hours and will close around 8:20 pm.

The dinner break follows Level 9 and the return from dinner will coincide with the end of entries. Once they are back in action for Level 10 there will be 6 more levels before the scheduled end of Day 1a, though as always if they play down to 12.5% of the field (plus one) they’ll bag up early.

There will be a second starting flight for this event on Saturday before the final day of action plays out Sunday. After a strong turnout of 117 entries for the opening Seniors event, it looks like the numbers for this series could be big.

See below for a look at the structure for Event #2 as well as the event schedule.

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